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Why Buy ITI

Approximate Cost Of Health Care Expenses Abroad :

Decades of data have shown time and again that the U.S. has the costliest health care system in the world by a variety of measures.

The report compared prices in the U.S. with prices in 11 other nations. It found that average prices in the United States are higher for most medical services.

The price per-day of being the hospital also finds the U.S. leading the pack. The average daily cost of a U.S. hospital stay is $4,287 -- almost 10 times Argentina -- and it can be more than twice that amount.

Statistics Of Health Care Claims Abroad : See more click here

How Costly It Could Be In Indian Currency ?


Medical care abroad usually requires cash or credit card payment at the point of service, regardless of whether the traveler has insurance coverage in their home country. This could result in a large out-of-pocket expenditure of perhaps thousands of dollars. Additionally, the existence of nationalized health care services in a given destination does not ensure that nonresidents will be given full coverage. When paying out-of-pocket for care, travelers should obtain copies of all bills and receipts and, if necessary, contact a US consular officer, who can assist US citizens with transferring funds from the United States.

The possibility of these large out-of-pocket medical expenses makes a discussion of insurance options an important part of any pre-travel consultation. Although insurance should be a consideration for all travelers, it is particularly important for travelers who are planning to be outside the United States for an extended period of time, have underlying health conditions, or plan to participate in high-risk activities on their trip.

Why Take chances have overseas international travel Insurance ?

International health insurance plans reflect the range of differing needs of expatriates and international citizens. There are many different terms used to describe these products, such as:
    Travel Insurance
    International Travel Insurance
    Travel Medical Insurance
    Trip Insurance
    International Health Insurance
    International Medical Insurance
    Expatriate Insurance
    International Student Insurance

But if you are not sure how long you will be traveling abroad, you could purchase annual plan and then either switch to Meridian or extend plan as you need it. And, if you're an exchange student, you'll find ITI for student will meet your visa requirements - as well as your health care needs - while living abroad. Whatever your choice, take the time to compare insurance plans for your own safety and peace of mind!

Why Buy ITI