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ITI for Students

International Travel Plans For Students

Student Travel Protect Insurance Plan that offers a wide range of benefits to those taking up studies abroad. As students traveling overseas are already coping alone, they need help particularly as medical treatment abroad can be prohibitively expensive in most cases. The breadth of coverage is travel-related, hospitalisation-related, bereavement-related, and litigation-related so the student can be confident that he/she will not feel stranded even in a dire circumstance.

  •     Emergency medical expenses
  •     Emergency transportation back to India
  •     Repatriation of mortal remains
  •     Dental emergency expenses following an accident

Travel Related Benefits of the student plan

  •     For injuries caused by accidents
  •     For checked in baggage

Compassionate Benefits

  •     Visit of one immediate family member, in case of hospitalisation
  •     Repatriation due to medical reasons or death of family member, resulting in interruption in study
  •     Reimbursement of tuition fee for the balance period in the event of death of the sponsor

Legal Claims

  •     For bodily injury to third parties or damage to their property, if you happen to be the cause
  •     Cost of bail bond following false arrest or wrongful detention.

ITI for Students